Tuesday 20 February 2018

Look where EU got us: Incanomics, or the sacrifice of our young to prosper

THE key question always is: do you walk the walk? David McWilliams' excellent column on Wednesday reveals where we are walking: on the airport concourses to cross-channel departure gates, with 10 million people flying annually between Ireland and Britain. The number of travellers a year from Germany? Just 400,000: 4pc.

Four decades after we joined the EU, and two years after the triumphant royal visit here, it's time we asked challenging questions about our future, based on fact, rather than the fantasy emanating from the Department of Foreign Affairs, perhaps the most professionally Anglophobic sector of government. For despite 30 years of linking the punt to the Deutschmark, and then using what is effectively a German currency, our primary trading partner remains what it was at the time of Independence: Britain.

So why are we using a Berlin-based currency to trade with a neighbour that has been our main market and supplier throughout recorded history? Why, nationalist ideology, of course, the belief that we can reshape realities according to some government design. This political rejection of geographical, cultural and economic facts caused us to join the euro, so proving – Erin go Brath! – that we were not British.

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