Friday 15 December 2017

Kevin Myers: You will be hung, drawn and quartered for uttering a word 'interpreted' as violating liberal taboos

Kevin Myers

You might not think what follows is relevant to us in Ireland. It is. For why it encapsulates the power of the ruling pieties of our time is so very compelling, and why dissent is equally difficult.

Make it easy for me here: please google 'Lieutenant General John Sheehan', 'Srebrenica' and 'gays'. Done that? Good. So you will have seen there are hundreds of stories saying that the USMC Gen Sheehan declared that the Srebrenica massacre of 15 years ago happened because of the large number of homosexuals in the Dutch army.

But he said no such thing. And what these stories tell you is less about Gen Sheehan and much more about what long-term ideological media brain-washing has done to journalists.

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