Tuesday 12 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Yes, we're in trouble, but not when compared to that gibbering loon lying across the water

Kevin Myers

The new BBC detective series 'Vexed' on Sunday evenings is an absolute must, for those connoisseurs and chroniclers of the terminal decline of licence-funded broadcasting.

That this truly abysmal series was ever made was due entirely to the perverse value-system that can emerge within a "public-service" organisation like the BBC (and RTE also). For the BBC, almost pathologically, has set itself the organisational priority of employing lots of big names at high salaries, rather than of making good television programmes as an existential norm.

'Vexed' is perhaps the worst television programme I have ever seen: centred on two detectives -- one male, one female -- it is nasty, crass and meretricious. Its hero -- played with a toxic oafishness by Toby Stephens -- is surely the most revolting male lead that film and television have yet devised: a charmless, dysfunctional nerd who, if he wasn't bullied at school, certainly should have been.

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