Thursday 14 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Without a major cultural reform, we are programming certain failure into our future

I had to get from near Dalkey to the M50 the other day. I might as well have been trying to get from Dover to London in late 1940. South Dublin County apparently prides itself on its absence of signposts; and its roundabouts are a multi-exited triumph of nameless bedlam.

I remember writing about this, all of 20 years ago. Yet here we are, one entire Celtic Tiger later, with the beast having been conceived, gestated, reared, matured, murdered and now buried, and we are still apparently incapable of erecting a single continuity of signposts almost anywhere in the greater Dublin area.

Every party has been in government since then, apart from the Shinners, whose expertise in erecting signposts -- "Snipers at Work" -- is neither disputed nor desired. And yet we still haven't managed to create what would be regarded anywhere else in Europe as one of the administrative basics of a modern state. If we fail to get the very conspicuous and the very necessary right, is it surprising that we consistently fail to master the inconspicuous?

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