Monday 19 March 2018

Kevin Myers: Why is the British press hiring a defeated terrorist warlord as a moral arbiter over the British Army?

Kevin Myers

ON Monday, 'The Guardian' newspaper published an article by The Right Honourable Gerard Adams, MP, denouncing British policy in Afghanistan as an extension of failed British policies in Northern Ireland.

Listing five different episodes in which British soldiers killed civilians in Afghanistan, he wrote: "All of this just scratches the surface of another dirty war that is being fought using modern versions of old strategies and techniques, and is failing."

Well, if NATO ends up with a failure in Afghanistan like the British failure in Northern Ireland, I'll certainly settle for that, thank you. For, remind me, please: on the one hand, which army is today actively recruiting in the North, amongst both communities? And on the other, which army has called an unconditional cessation of all hostilities, has decommissioned its weapons, and has agreed to live peacefully under the sovereign rule of a foreign government?

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