Wednesday 17 January 2018

Kevin Myers: When historians look back at the 20th century they'll write about real U2: the Lockheed spy plane

Kevin Myers

Perhaps the festival high point of the summer so far was the confiscation of the protesters' balloon at Glastonbury calling on U2 to pay more taxes.

Justifying the seizure, Michael Eavis, the founder of the festival, and famous "defender" of its traditions of free speech, said that the criticisms of U2 were "unfair". Ah yes, truly the liberal definition of freedom: I defend to the death your right to agree with me.

As it happens, I see no reason for U2 NOT to minimise their tax debt: only the clinically insane wish to pay more taxes. I like U2's music, and I know their manager Paul McGuinness well: a man of outstanding personal integrity. Moreover, you will not hear from him, or from three members of U2, any demands that western governments give more aid to Africa. We only hear this from Bono, even as he takes advantage of tax loopholes to reduce his contribution to the central Exchequer from which aid to Africa must come.

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