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Monday 23 April 2018

Kevin Myers: Western opinion is so deranged that NATO is supporting an Islamist insurrection in Libya

Kevin Myers

I fully expect the Irish Anti-War Move-ment to denounce the killing of Osama bin Laden. After all, its friends in Hamas have already condemned the action by US Special Forces: and is the primary purpose of the IAWM not to deplore the deeds of the US and Israel, while never saying a word about the ongoing wars between various Arab peoples and their tyrannical governments?

Some journalists still lazily refer to the "Arab Spring", as if there's a comparison with Prague in 1968. Frankly I'd prefer an horological metaphor, in which the Czechs are to the Arabs what a wristwatch is to a sundial. But since we're using meteorological imagery, we might as well get our seasons right. For the Arab countries are undergoing not a spring but an autumn, with an Islamic winter to follow. The world is changing radically, even more than in the 20th Century. The democratic struggles against communism and Nazism were against evanescent secular movements, locked into their time; what is occurring today is a return to the historical clash between militant Islam and secular Christianity.

Future historians will wonder at the suicidal, self-hating pathology of western behaviour in the second half of the 20th Century. Europe, Australasia and North America decided that they should accept immigrants from all over the world. No one else did this. The Chinese, Japanese, South Americans, Indians and Africans didn't think that they needed multi-racial, multicultural mass immigration. So you won't see hundreds of thousands of white or African or Indian faces in Peking or Tokyo, or similar numbers of African or European faces in Bombay or Cairo, or Indian or white faces in Lagos. Twentieth-Century multi-racialism was for whities only.

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