Wednesday 22 November 2017

Kevin Myers: We need to produce much more animal meat, and if that means mass-feeding our livestock with GM foodstuff, then so be it

It was when I saw the sign in Superquinn boasting "No Genetically Modified Foods here" that I realised that Feargal Quinn's days as a supermarket boss were coming to an end, and his career as a politician and media personality were just beginning.

I like Feargal Quinn. Everyone likes Feargal Quinn. But for any commercial organisation to be boasting about a blanket ban on technological advances is like Wells Fargo putting up a sign: "No steam here." If the entire world were to take his example and ban GM foods, then sooner or later we should have a catastrophe that could dwarf the Ukrainian Famine, the Chinese Famine and the Bengal Famine.

The defining and distinctive feature of these 20th Century famines is that they were all man-made -- the first two by communist regimes, and the third, essentially, by Winston Churchill. A worldwide ban on GM foods has the making of yet another 100pc man-made famine: in Africa, probably.

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