Monday 22 January 2018

Kevin Myers: We must admit our mistakes and start again

Kevin Myers

Terminal Two at Dublin Airport, the €1.2bn folly which was meant to cost €200m: and all is quiet in the departure lounge. Why wouldn't it be, since it is so empty? But stay. Just look at the flights timetable, which departing passengers can gaze at as they drink their coffee while waiting to head for their departure gates.

What information is it providing? Why, it is giving the times of flight arrivals. That's all. Flight arrivals. Yes, it's possible that one in a hundred people sitting there will want to know the arrival times, but not as a matter of urgency. On the other hand, people leaving Ireland will definitely want to know the time of departures, which the information board doesn't supply. Travellers will also want to know what time it is -- but there isn't a single clock visible, not one, throughout the entire €1.2bn terminal.

But maybe it does make some sense for the departures restaurant-area timetable to show arrival times, to accommodate the few people who are waiting to greet passengers -- but only if there's some relationship between plane arrivals and passenger arrivals. But there isn't. Because of the largely unpublicised work-to-rule at Terminal Two, only one garda at a time is on duty in each of the two passport-clearance zones: one for EU and the other for non-EU. Each queue can be several hundred passengers long at a time.

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