Saturday 25 November 2017

Kevin Myers: We don't need BP to go prospecting in our waters to face ruin, Metro North will do it

Kevin Myers

I return once again to Metro North -- aka Necro North -- with my only apology being that I didn't get on to the subject far, far earlier. For this is, without doubt, the greatest folly that has ever been proposed for Dublin: indeed, such is its scale that it has dumfounded most people into an inert acquiescence.

Moreover, it is the Single Big Idea still remaining of this Government and, as such, cannot be allowed to fail. But it has to: otherwise it could effectively bankrupt what remains of this Republic as we become the first failed state in Europe since the collapse of the Third Reich.

Indeed, the sheer massiveness of Necro North has something of the Third Reich about it. It is proposed to dig a vast hole at St Stephen's Green to create a joint DART/Luas underground station. Needless to say, the park will be closed for the duration of the project -- as, inevitably, will most commercial life around the Green, including the National Concert Hall, while 400 lorry-movements a day remove soil. And not just for a few economically bloody weeks, but for TWO YEARS.

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