Wednesday 19 September 2018

Kevin Myers: We boast about how much alcohol we drink, but if outsiders agree they are called racists

Kevin Myers

ALL right; so now we've got a Government. Therefore let it hit the ground running, as promised, by ending the hideous and demeaning farce of St Patrick's Day.

The first move should be the cancellation of the undignified caravan of public representatives to the US. President Obama can, I'm sure, swallow his disappointment at losing the two-minute photo opportunity with the Taoiseach. So let our new Taoiseach stay in Dublin, doing the job we just elected him to do, and if Obama really does want a bunch of shamrock to mark the day (which is unlikely) let our ambassador do the necessary. That's what he's there for.

St Patrick's Day has become an occasion of national humiliation for years now. It should really be called St Patrick's DNA, as across the world, Irishmen and women have shown in full and shameful manner how we cannot be trusted to celebrate the day without making drunken disgraces of ourselves. The example has been set by our embassies, which actually boast of the ruinous levels of hospitality that they unleash on their guests. To measure one's national pride by advancing the cause of cirrhosis amongst one's friends is truly bizarre: Liver Dance.

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