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Kevin Myers: We are mere carrion on table of EU cannibals

From the outset of the EU expedition, we were told that its purpose was to bring Europe together and to create harmony between the peoples of a continent twice riven by world wars.

So the EU would therefore both prevent war and the pretext for war; it would allow no widespread poverty, and instead, there would be social inclusion, to be endorsed and enforced by the EU. Thus would emerge a new Europe of justice and peace.

We now know what a lie this is. The primary purpose of the EU is to shield the major banks of Germany and France from the consequences of their insane investments in an Irish banking sector that was run by felons and fools.

Moreover, this was not some South Sea bubble, involving investment in distant lands which no one could see: no, this was a few hundred thousand squalid acres of rain-swept bog that any banker could have viewed on Google Earth. Their choice.

But instead of the European banks getting burnt by their involvement in this cretinous Ponzi folly, their freely undertaken debts have been passed over to the Irish taxpayer. As the Irish economy has sunk under the weight of these debts, we've been forced to raise taxes and borrow money at exorbitant rates through the ECB, merely to stay alive. And so the more we taxed and the more we borrowed to pay other people's debts, the deeper our crisis became.

The nadir came last week with the Government's criminal raid on private pension funds in a desperately cynical bid to raise money without affecting the pensions of the politicians and the civil servants who contrived it.

Crisis nears. The fall in property prices has actually accelerated over the past two months. In Dublin, the primary business in the main office regions of Fitzwilliam and Merrion Squares is now the erection of "For Let" signs. We are racing towards Ground Zero.

Be in no doubt. The purported virtues -- social inclusion, equality, siblinghood -- of the EU are as much window dressing as the welfare of the proletariat was for the USSR. We have awoken to find that not merely are we in the company of cannibals, but are the primary carrion on the EU menu. So we have no choice. It is time that the bitten bit back.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights of 2000, by the EU's own proclamation, "is without precedent in the history of the European Union". It sets out the whole range of civil, political, economic and social rights of European citizens and all persons resident in the EU, in six sections:

  • Dignity
  • Freedoms
  • Equality
  • Solidarity
  • Citizens' rights
  • Justice

Now unless there is a seventh secret section declaring that they are meaningless waffle, those six items of the charter are legally binding on the EU, its constituent states and all the courts therein. If so, there is no lawful way that what is being done to the Irish people is consistent or compatible with that charter.

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It is worth reiterating. We are facing the greatest single cataclysm since the Famine, as tens of thousands emigrate, while those who remain must bear the predatory assaults by the ECB.

Yet we are not defenceless. For now surely we should be seeking protection from the EU courts, under the legally binding obligations of the European Charter: the Irish people's inalienable right to dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity, citizens' rights and justice. Yet these supposedly core values are precisely what the ECB is now determined to deprive us of.

We were told before the Lisbon vote that the EU was the only road forward: the alternative was Auschwitz. It was an otiose, odious and disingenuous line of argument, but at least we can now see that there was some merit in it. For Auschwitz was not the initial sin, but was the end result of a massive campaign of lies, secret conspiracies and systematic institutional dishonesty -- a murderous version of what the European Central Bank is metaphorically doing to us.

Meanwhile, two successive governments have behaved like kapos, the trustee prisoners who, for what seemed to them to be sound reasons, did the bidding of (and thereby made life easier for) the concentration camp commandants.

It's time to hoist the EU on its own petard: the Govern-ment must do its graven duty, declared in 1916, reiterated in the first Dail, and subse-quently (if rather fortuitously) endorsed by the EU's Charter nearly 11 years ago: it must aggressively defend the fundamental rights of its citizens, through EU law.

Moreover, as Armageddon beckons, so default must surely follow. And when this happens, the EU must be in no doubt that if it tries to tear up the charter and to punish us collectively as a people for the follies of foreign banks beyond our control, we shall not meekly enter that chamber of national death, but we will drag the entire single-currency project down with us.

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