Tuesday 12 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Toyota didn't suddenly start connecting the foot brake pedal to the engine accelerator

Kevin Myers

EVERY schoolboy could, once upon a time, solemnly reassure you that Catherine the Great of Russia died in the connubial embrace of her Great Dane, with whom or which -- I am unsure of the grammar of such relationships -- she was sexually besotted.

The fact that this story was a fiction got up by French republican propagandists was irrelevant. You can have the story of an extraordinary woman who transformed Russia for the better and who had normal appetites, or you can have an alternative tale of a depraved old monster who died having sex with her dog: which story does mythology prefer?

Toyota knows the answer to this. Let's get this straight. Toyota makes the best and safest cars in the world. It has done so for generations. It is the world's biggest car maker because of these simple truths. And a couple of years ago it did not suddenly start connecting the foot brake pedal to the eng-ine accelerator.

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