Sunday 25 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Today, give Enda Kenny's Fine Gael a clear mandate

Kevin Myers

THIS is my last column of the winter. When next I appear, DV, the new calendar season will have arrived, as the sprigs of spring push through the soil and the honeysuckle sprouts green shoots.

The bacteria in the earth are now waking from their long slumbers and have started to metabolise: soon their secret industry will release the sweet, loamy fragrance that we all love, though it has no name in English. The first magical whiff of the morning air that announces that winter has fully and finally gone is one of the most wondrous sensations of the year. It ranks with the sight of the first swallow and the sound of the first cuckoo. And, soon, we should have caught the first glimpse of that very rare bird, a Fine Gael Taoiseach.

Now even to want the T-job is a clear sign of clinical insanity. But then, of course, no one enters political life in pursuit of the insignificance, invisibility and impotence that are evidence of a healthy mind. Politicians want to be important, to be seen and to have power.

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