Saturday 16 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Timid Fine Gael leaves us at mercy of toxic ruling caste

Kevin Myers

THe sheer, abundant awfulness of the attempted Bruton putsch last week, is only beginning to sink in. What appalling vistas await us now, with a lame-duck government faced by an ever lamer-duck main opposition party?

Waiting, ready to pounce, is the Labour Party, the armed wing of the public service unions, some of whose leading members were once die-hard supporters of the USSR. Just beyond this merry throng are the Tree-hugging Greens and the Shinner Money-Counterfeiting greens, who stand for what, I cannot say, other than free This and free That.

It seems that Fianna Fail has been in power since Jesus had a foreskin. It's not actually that bad, but it just seems that way. In the many years that the leather seats behind the ministerial desks have shaped themselves into the contours of Fianna Fail buttocks, the civil service has become its clones, its masters, its servants: a symbiosis like that of the jelly fish, that venomous creature whose stinging cells are actually a different species to the jellyfish's body.

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