Tuesday 25 September 2018

Kevin Myers: This 'Romeo and Juliet' law is in fact a blackmailer's charter for a girl who chooses to serially seduce boys and serially complain

The Supreme Court last week upheld the constitutionality of the 2006 Sexual Offences Act, by which a 16-year-old can be imprisoned for having sex, but not the girl. Now firstly, you don't pick fights with the Supreme Court.

No, you should slap your forehead at the jurisprudential and luminescent genius, declare that it has set a new high in intellectual acuity that could only ever be matched by whatever cerebral distillate next emanates from their co-cranial deliberations, and move onto other business. The Supreme Court has ruled, and that is that.

Of course, judges do not make laws, but merely interpret them. Their personal opinions are shed when their wigs are donned. Moreover, as Chief Justice Denham observed: Decisions on matters of such social sensitivity were a matter for the legislature, to which courts should defer. Nonetheless, what a truly wonderful world we have made, wherein a virginal 16-year-old boy can be seduced by a sexually experienced 16-year-old girl, yet only he can be found guilty of a criminal offence and imprisoned. This so-called 'Romeo and Juliet' law is in fact Delilah's Law, and a blackmailer's charter for any girl who chooses to serially seduce boys and serially complain.

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