Tuesday 20 November 2018

Kevin Myers: This great, liberal society is silent on decisive social issues of our time

Nothing exposes the existence of a subconscious political agenda quite like the use of statistics. Take the recently released figures and analyses from the Central Statistics Office, 2010-11. They revealed, amongst others things, that the birth rate amongst Irish women is now catastrophically below replacement level: our overall birth rate is 2.06, which is just below the generally accepted replacement figure of 2.1, and down 36pc in 30 years. But only 77pc of our births were to Irish mothers, so proportionately, the indigenous Irish population is plummeting. However, even to say this is probably "racist" according to the norms of our splendid media studies courses; and so, what would once have been a most salient headline revelation was at best last week a footnote, if even that.

Ireland is now imitating the deathbed demographics of the rest of Europe, which will ensure that the native populations will require the labour and services of immigrants from the developing world to run their trams and, when the time comes, to wipe their bums. What then of the feminist agenda which has supervised the calamitous fall in native fertility, when the robust and reproductive populations within Europe are drawn from other societies, with other religions and perhaps even anti-feminist priorities?

No doubt, the Euro-elites will continue to ignore this irresistible existential tide, because it simply doesn't suit the underlying egalitarian agenda which sees women's employment rights as the pre-eminent ideological goal of our time. And, of course, it is a common human strategy, evident from the nursery onwards, when faced with uncomfortable truths to shut the eyes, put two fingers in the ears and to bellow on the top of one's voice.

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