Tuesday 21 November 2017

Kevin Myers: There is no Fianna Fail plot to save the banks -- for the left to pretend otherwise is infantile

Kevin Myers

NO, I'm like you, I can't make head or tail of most of what's going on and I leave Brendan Keenan to explain the subtleties. But it is utterly misleading for so many other commentators to describe the Government's attempts to stabilise our banking system as a ready-up between Fianna Fail and some vastly powerful commercial interests.

Look, I understand finance as much as I understand kilim weaving, but I do know the difference between a tongue in the ear and a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. And the only institutional corruption now going on is that which guarantees the positions and pensions of government officials who fail on their job.

Which pretty much confirms what we already know about the relationship between government politicians and their senior civil servants: the latter employ the former to nominally superintend the State, which is the civil service's permanent property. No politician jeopardises or even questions that proprietorship. It is why senior civil servants who, to say the very least, have screwed up -- such as Rody Molloy and Patrick Neary -- are allowed to ride off into the sunset with their saddlebags clinking with fool's gold: their doubloons, and us the fools.

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