Sunday 17 December 2017

Kevin Myers: The refusal to fly the union jack is symptomatic of the immaturity and unreason with this issue

Kevin Myers

It is surely time to reclaim that green -- and to lay our hands once and for all on the harp, before the itchy-fingered Welsh collar it for their flag

THE return of the international rugby season always reminds us what a petty and unyielding thing identity can be. Here we are, an island of about five million people, with -- by European standards -- loads of space, virtually one race, one language, a pleasant climate and a pathological inability to find a flag that symbolises the island or an anthem which all can join in with gusto. It is truly pathetic.

After all, the Belgians are divided by language, so one can understand the fissiparousness of that curious Franco-Flemish mongrel. But the Swiss equally have linguistic divisions, yet no secessionism at all that I know of. But what the Swiss do have is a truly great brand: the Swiss flag.

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