Monday 11 December 2017

Kevin Myers: The Irish answer to national problems is to hide under the blankets and cry for mammy

There is the Dutch answer to national problems, which is to find a solution: and to judge from last week, there is the Irish answer, which is to hide under the blankets, and cry for mammy.

In the Netherlands, the education minister Bartholomew van der Keeffe, confronted by the possibility of major blizzards, would have mobilised thousands of farmers in advance, equipped the entire population with spades, and ensured that, if the snow actually fell as forecast, they would together get the children of the nation to school.

The Irish Batt O'Keeffe response to the possibility of snow over some of the country was to close all the Republic's schools down, whether or not the merest icing of a fairy cake was about to fall, in even the same county.

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