Opinion Kevin Myers

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Kevin Myers: The English can't be trusted to take over the North again

Kevin Myers

There is one single abiding reason why we must hope that the Northern Executive is reassembled, and continues to fumble along in a pretence of government. That reason has nothing to do with the gibbering madmen of dissident republicanism, for they do not need an excuse to start a war: they'll do it anyway, as poor, gallant PNSI officer Peadar Heffron can testify to.

And yes, of course it's good that Protestants and Catholics at least put up the appearance of liking one another. For appearances can do more than deceive. Deceit can sometimes delude the deceiver: in time, the surface becomes the substance, and people start believing in the parts they are playing. I agree, not likely: but it can happen.

But the most compelling reason for the Northern parties to resolve their differences is that the English cannot be trusted to take over. (What follows is the kind of article that can appear in an Irish newspaper about the English, but not vice versa).

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