Saturday 24 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Spare child benefit? There are 90 other areas that can be hit

Kevin Myers

The National Women's Council was sent among us to raise a smile when smiles are few. It is the hilarious, elegantly ironical organisation that receives €1m a year from the Government, and that employs no men, even as it denounces Portmarnock Golf Club for having no full female members.

Its latest campaign is against any cuts in children's benefits, because of the economic damage this would do to professional mothers who need to pay for childcare while they're at work.

Of course, what the NWC is therefore saying is that children's benefit is not for the benefit of children, but an economic subsidy for those who need childminders. But the language we use is still English. The welfare in question is called "children's benefit": because it is for the benefit of children.

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