Friday 15 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Self-serving TDs ignore our mounting anger at their peril

IT'S actually possible to make a reasonable case justifying the cut in "respite grants" to carers of the disabled. But it is not possible to do so from the position of the politicians in Dail Eireann whose sacrifice, in this time of national crisis, is merely to halve their envelope allowance, to award themselves new iPads each, and most of all, to gallantly protect their whopping pensions.

The ministerial statement denouncing "hugely generous pension arrangements subsidised by the taxpayer" during the Budget debate set a high-water mark of dumbfounding hypocrisy to equal Haughey's legendary "We are living beyond our means" broadcast 30 years ago. Here it is: "While this Government wants to encourage those on lower and middle incomes to save for pensions, it will not allow pensions to be accumulated at the expense of the taxpayer."

This, of course, refers to pensions in the private sector. It does not refer to pensions in the public sector, which are not just "subsidised" by the taxpayer, but are funded entirely by that misfortunate halfwit. Senior civil servants (though not their poor underlings) and government ministers routinely retire on pensions of over €100,000 a year.

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