Wednesday 17 October 2018

Kevin Myers: Self-loathing and self-regard have made us what we are

Kevin Myers

For the sake of those who have been emailing me about my opinions on morality in Ireland, I will briefly sketch my understanding of the underlying reason for our problems.

These are not primarily economic, they are psycho-political. Our perverse politics authorised the insane economic choices that we've made. And our political culture results from a dangerous Irish bipolarity -- simultaneous low self-esteem and extravagant self-regard.

This bipolarity might well be genetically-based; I don't know. But I do know that conceited self-loathing is a common condition in Ireland. It explains why thousands of people go off to build houses in Africa, where millions of natives are unemployed and available. Only conceited self-loathing would cause people to engage in such emotionally-rewarding charity like that. Who is the real beneficiary of the charitable deeds there? The future householder, or the persons who builds the house? If the intent was merely to give someone a home, could we not have got Africans to build it themselves?.

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