Friday 24 November 2017

Kevin Myers: Secular theologians of the gender switching industry proclaim that gender is purely a psychological "construct"

Sometimes it's hard to believe that every day is not April 1. Take Monday, February 13, 2012, which could certainly have been April Fools' day, to judge from the story that broke that morning. This concerned a nameless person who is the first ever "male" to give birth in Britain, "despite his sex-change operation".

What do you think the word "despite" means there? Not what it normally means, that's for sure. Normally it would mean, "contrary to all the evidence"; but here all the evidence is biological, and that this supposed "man" still has functioning ovaries, and fallopian tubes, and a vagina and a womb, which their owner has put to full use. In which case, she is not entitled to call herself a man. I am certainly prepared to accept that some people feel themselves psychologically and emotionally to have been born of the wrong sex. I can't say I'm entirely happy that the solution to this problem is usually surgical, but when the sawbones do the necessary, thereby creating a semblance to the required body, I'm prepared to accept that a gender-change has occurred. Accordingly, the person is entitled both legally and individually to be known by the sex they feel they belong to.

But the secular theologians of the gender-switching industry are saying more than this. They now proclaim that gender is purely a psychological and cultural "construct" (that's the word such folk always use when they want to baffle the rest of us), which exists independently of physical attributes. And it is this which enables the woman at the centre of this column to be called a man. So really, this story is not proof of some "miracle", but rather, proof of what a fraud the gender-trading business has become.

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