Wednesday 22 November 2017

Kevin Myers: Say No to charity muggers at supermarket checkouts

Kevin Myers

Right! That's it! The time has come to draw a line in the sand, to declare, "this far and no further!", and dig in my heels and put my back to the wall.

This was the last straw: the worm has turned! For as the incompetent and unsought charity fundraiser at the supermarket checkout was dropping my bottles on the floor, and mixing some freshly broken eggs with the container of bleach, I wheedled ingratiatingly -- even as I reluctantly put some coins in her box -- "What are you raising money for?"

"Twenty of us are competing in a ballroom-dancing contest in Vancouver," my packer simpered happily, as a bottle of paint-thinner glugged into the crusty loaf, and the ruptured sugar bag shed its contents into the bottom of my bag. At a nearby checkout, a child was being stuffed into a winebox by a cheery young man collecting for a surfing competition in Honolulu, and not far away, a group of boy scouts were tying a double clove-hitch around a burst shopping-bag, using the shopper's own 38DD bra.

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