Thursday 22 March 2018

Kevin Myers: RTE's McGuinness coverage has been abysmal

I have no particular feelings about most of the presidential candidates. Sean Gallagher is a Fianna Fail stealth-missile, and I would trust that once in the Park, he'd remain nice and stealthy.

Poor Gay Mitchell is not so much a missile as one of those poor birdmen who used to leap off the Eiffel Tower, convinced that the fragments of cloth attached to their arms would keep them aloft. He's more likely to be a sad and crumpled heap than president. Michael D Higgins once said some inexcusable things about me, but that was a while ago, and was purely personal, and I'm sure once in the Aras he would be civil and presidential.

But it has been the candidacy of Martin McGuinness which has been the eye-opener. For my heart went out -- and with a genuine empathy -- to all those moderate unionists in the North who have had to put up with the bloodied hallucinations and the false-memory syndrome that are the staples of this man's politics. He sounds like one of those demented preachers who used to gather at the corner of Abbey Street and O'Connell Street, speaking in tongues; but he is in fact deputy leader of the Northern Executive, and this is how he always talks.

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