Thursday 17 October 2019

Kevin Myers: PC 'rules' have made life worse for those they're meant to protect

Kevin Myers

And so to Rossport. We all know that the remarks in the garda car about rape were unacceptable. That much is obvious. But even more unacceptable would be the deliberate ruination of careers on such an issue.

Now I'm not saying that I've ever made such jests about rape, but I certainly know that I've said things that I'd never want to be made public. Moreover, any rational person who has heard the Rossport tape would know that the references about "rape" were not meant as such, and in no way represented how gardai usually talk about women.

The three men were clearly using black humour to vent their frustration at having to deal with the latest batch of what they thought were foreigners.

It's all part of the Rossport revolutionary theme-park experience. However, the two women happened to be Irish, but speaking the latest Dublin 4 dialect, Febe, courtesy of Phoebe from 'Friends'.

This is a more complex issue than you might think. One might urge An Garda Siochana to introduce a protocol by which on-duty gardai may only speak to one another as if there were a very senior officer present. This would immediately rule out any sexist or racist, or homophobic remarks.

But that means no David Norris jokes of the kind that he himself would make. And where do the lines of what is acceptable stop? Are the only people you cannot make jokes about foreigners, women, homosexuals and blacks? Is Jackie Healy-Rae to be spared private jokes by gardai? Martin Ferris? Or Iris Robinson?

Once people raise issues like "human rights", "respect", "inclusivity", "ethnicity", "multicultural", "racism", "diversity", an entirely New Moral Order comes into play. And though I certainly don't know what the rules of this New Moral Order are, I've got a pretty good idea that a middle-class heterosexual white male like me absolutely never qualifies for any ideological compassion within it.

The hierarchy within the NMO was most perfectly represented by a stand-up comic, a black woman, on Channel 4 the other night. I didn't catch her name. Behind her appeared a large photograph of a rather raddled-looking white woman and white man, who, she told us, were a genuine couple who had met on an internet dating-service, but who had then turned out to be brother and sister.

"Look at her. She's only 42. She looks seventy. Hey. Do you think they'd done IT before they discovered they were brother and sister? Is that how they found out? She looked at his knob, and said, 'Hey my brother's got a wart on his knob just like that.'"

A white man in the audience rose and began to leave.

"Ooops, sorry, you must be here with your sister, know what I mean," said the black she-comic suggestively. The man paused to look at her, and walked out.

"Right, I know, now you're off to have a crafty wank, thinking about having sex with her," said the 'comic'.

Now, you just know there's not one single part of this that Channel Four would have broadcast if the comic had been a white male and the couple pictured had been black, if the comic had said that the black man had noticed the wart on his sister's pussy, if the person who had walked out of the audience was a black woman, and if the white comic had said that she was off to have a crafty wank thinking about sex with her brother.

So there it is, in one small and nasty vignette, the power-pyramid that political correctness has introduced into western culture. This authorises certain people -- typically, blacks, homosexuals, women -- to say almost anything in public. Others -- white, heterosexual, middle-aged males -- cannot say far milder things even in private, without an outcry.

And this cultural imbalance does not exist merely through an unspoken social consensus, but is also enforced through numerous quangos -- the equality-this, the women's-that, and the immigrant-whatever -- which act as a culture-police, vigorously seeking criminal prosecutions of white, middle-class heterosexual male transgressors of the PC Taboos of the New Moral Order.

Now, though I think the Holocaust is one of the worst events in human history, I've laughed at Holocaust jokes. I've also laughed at paedophile jokes, and at Islamic-beheading jokes. So post-Rossport, it might seem easy to prescribe new Garda rules that exclude certain types of talk: but the resulting organisation might not merely be prudish, but also dysfunctional.

After the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry labelled the Metropolitan Police "institutionally-racist", new language protocols within the Met made it almost impossible for police officers to discuss race and crime.

Yet a hugely disproportionate amount of street-crime in London, -- which is usually suffered by women -- is by blacks, and virtually all gang-rapes are by blacks. So the new PC Protocols actually made life far worse for women, the very group that was one of the intended beneficiaries of the NMO.

As I say, it's more complex than you might think. Life usually is.

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