Tuesday 20 March 2018

Kevin Myers: Pastor Jones is a mad crank. So what do you call those who threaten violence over his antics?

Kevin Myers

IT'S interesting how Pastor Jones -- who memorably appeared in 'The Sunday Times' as "Paster Jones" -- was presented in the western media as the nut job.

But the many Muslim governments who threatened the US government about the violent consequences if he went ahead with his threat to burn the Koran were not so characterised, even though they came up with the usual old line: We are a people of peace, but if that man burns some paper, there'll be killings.

Just let me break this news to you gently. Things could get much, much worse. Come back in two years' time and perhaps you'll see what I mean. For in 2012, the Islamic world will be celebrating the 1,400th anniversary of the appearance of the Angel Gabriel to Mohammed, a visitation that turned him into a prophet and changed the world. What emotions will that anniversary unleash in the Islamic world? How will Muslims commemorate the events of 9/11 in the year 2012? And what further steps will the Western/secular world have taken in the meantime to propitiate Islam -- in the way that Islam never takes towards us infidels?

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