Thursday 26 April 2018

Kevin Myers: Our politicians who steered the ship onto the iceberg have walked away with fortunes

A national narrative is not just about the past. It also enables the present, for it contains a covert and coded morality. This is why I go on and on, endlessly, about the 1916 Rising.

It was at its core an evil event, wholly unjustified by the circumstances that existed in Ireland, with many deplorable outcomes. If you make that affair the "start" of authentic independent Irishness, then you cannot be surprised that the resultant political ethos is as lacking in a core morality as was the Rising itself.

The state which is now amply rewarding the architects of our financial ruin truly is a right and proper heir to 1916. Senior civil servants such as Rody Molloy and Patrick Neary, who should at the very least have been sacked and questioned by the Garda fraud squad, were instead allowed to take early retirement, with tax-free golden handshakes of several hundred thousands, and annual pensions of around ¿150,000 each.

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