Thursday 22 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Once again, RTE fails to score with rugby viewers

WHAT a wonderful game: a truly marvellous, heart-stopping, blood-pounding, pulse-tingling rugby match, one of the most enthralling encounters that most of us have ever seen -- not because of the sweeping rugby, because there wasn't much of that, but because of the passion and commitment and technical skill amongst the forwards.

It shouldn't have been difficult for RTE to have lived up to the occasion, but instead the coverage was on a par with that of one of the darkest days in Irish rugby, just 20 years ago, against the same opponents, Australia. Getting the simple things right is the key to all matters, except apparently in the gravity-free world of Montrosia, where Consequence is a lake in Switzerland, and the word "lesson" is a synonym for "reduce".

That match 20 years ago is etched on the memories of most who watched it, with an oxyacetylene blow torch, reinforced by a laser-beam and a diamond-tipped chisel. Ireland went in front with a try from Gordon Hamilton with just moments to go. Instead of RTE going live for the Australian kick-off, RTE chose to show a replay of the try, amid much inane and boastful celebration: the game was in the bag!

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