Thursday 22 March 2018

Kevin Myers: Not being seen to be nasty is now the primary objective of the State, rather than governing firmly

TO be criticised by the European Commission for the generosity of our welfare system is rather like getting a punishment-beating from the Dalai Lama over our excessive vegetarianism.

Switching religions here, the commission is to the EU what the College of Cardinals is to the Vatican, a body of functionaries who are utterly indoctrinated in the theology of European social democratic culture. They burn candles to their gods here -- Monnet, Delors, Adenauer, Schuman, et alia. Yet even these ideological prelates of the welfare state think that the Croke Park deal is crazy.

Of course, "crazy" is not the word they use, because it doesn't have 15 letters, or end in "-iarity", as most words uttered in eurobabble usually do. But amid the Franglais-forest of prefixes and suffixes in which the commission's quarterly report was issued, it's clear that the commission thinks this Government, like the one before it, has failed hopelessly in the fundamental task of tackling public service pensions and pay.

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