Sunday 19 November 2017

Kevin Myers: No one, 13 years ago, seemed aware of the truly boundless nature of the Moriarty Tribunal

Kevin Myers

ON May 4, 1891, Professor Moriarty lured Sherlock Holmes to his "death" at the Reichenbach Falls, enabling Arthur Conan Doyle to end the Holmes stories.

But 12 years later, poor old Doyle was badgered into resurrecting both men. A century on, the ability of a Moriarty to remain in the centre of affairs seems not to have diminished one whit. Our current heir to the Moriarty tradition of persistence has now been at it for nearly 13 years.

And why not another 13? The tribunal declared of itself in 1997: "This Term of Reference also applies to any money ever held in accounts for the benefit of, or in the name of, any other person who holds or has held ministerial office." The keyword here is EVER. So, there's logically no reason why the tribunal should not go on for all time, examining -- say -- the fate of the monies brought back from the US by Eamon de Valera, or given to Parnell by Cecil Rhodes.

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