Wednesday 13 December 2017

Kevin Myers: No, of course you don't like the Christian right. Nor do I. But ask yourself this: was the Christian right right?

Before the Greek soccer team hitchhiked home, did they visit Auschwitz? There isn't a plaque there to commemorate one of the most fatuous yet nonetheless pertinent political observations there, but there should be. I refer to Mary Hanafin's remark that unless we got a united Europe, we'd have another Auschwitz.

Never mind her historical ignorance (for Auschwitz actually was the creation of a united socialist Europe). Her words actually typify the mindset of the Moral Secretariat, the left-liberal cultural forces that govern European policy-making today.

You'll find the Moral Secretariat embedded in the EU Parliament, most university campuses, television stations and newspapers. Generally, they maintain that all progress is good, and like to threaten us with Auschwitz whenever they don't get their way. They are also completely silent and unremorseful whenever they're wrong. Meanwhile, the Cassandras who have doubted the virtues of "progress" are almost always ignored, even when their forecasts have been proved right. After all, the 20th Century gave us the progress that was socialism: and 70 years ago this summer two rival varieties of the species, National and Soviet, were fighting it out on the wheatfields of the Ukraine.

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