Tuesday 20 March 2018

Kevin Myers: No moralising, Reverend Sir Gerard Adams, all right? We've heard the shovels at midnight

Kevin Myers

It is too grotesque for words that the county where poor Jean McConville's bones were finally found should soon become the launch pad of the Sinn Fein leader's bid for power in the Republic.

Lo! Sir Gerard Adams, Knight of the Green Branch, saddling up his trusty steed, to come to the moral rescue of this State. Moreover, fresh horrors probably await us, even as this egotistical club-bore lectures us, poking us in the chest with his imaginary pipe and telling us the many errors of our ways, as he plots his path to the Park in time for 2016. President Gerard Adams: the ultimate nadir.

Such a ludicrous prospect is only possible through the one-sided amnesia of the peace process. This ordained that we'd forget everything that the Shinners and the Orange Psychos did -- the graves they'd filled, the eyeless they'd blinded and the limbless in wheelchairs. But we didn't extract any comparable self-denying ordinances from the grinning gun-ghouls. We didn't say, look if you're ever tempted to act high and mighty with us, four words of advice: Shut The F**k Up.

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