Tuesday 24 October 2017

Kevin Myers: No limit to this nauseating Provo hypocrisy

Kevin Myers

I WAS against the peace process: I was and am and will always remain against it, which is why I do not spell it with capital letters.

I am in favour of peace, but not in favour of conciliating murderers and I believe it is the first duty of any state to impose its lawful monopoly on the use of armed might upon dissident armies within its realm -- by its own armed might, if necessary. One law: one army; one police.

But the Irish Republic chose to ignore these fundamental principles of any democracy and instead tried to deal with an insurgent terrorist force of the Provisional IRA by using various weak-willed adaptations of common law. The consequence was a conflict that lasted longer than both Boer Wars, the Anglo-Irish War and the two world wars combined.

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