Tuesday 23 October 2018

Kevin Myers: Mothers must bear the blame for making our children obese

Kevin Myers

With obesity endemic across the world, fat is the great global king. One can even see fat Chinese children, which is rather like having Buddhist bullfighters or Zulu flower-arrangers.

And I loathe seeing the faces of fat children, without chins or jaws or cheekbones. Only an abject terror of being "judgmental" -- easily the most paralysing social norm of our times: our equivalent of the prudishness of the Victorian era -- prevents people discussing this issue with the frankness it deserves.

So for once, let's be honest. A child that is gratuitously fat is needlessly burdened with many handicaps: for ugliness and imminent disability in themselves lead to social isolation, emotional and sexual frustration, physical infirmity and often premature death.

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