Sunday 22 April 2018

Kevin Myers: Moral order of banditry and corruption lives on

THE 30pc or so of the population that, according to the 'Sunday Independent' /Quantum Poll, in essence think that it's not too soon for Martin McGuinness to be president are probably the defining demographic of this State. They constituted both the bedrock supporters of the IRA, and the Haugheyite wing of Fianna Fail. Theirs is a world of dodgy planning permissions, jobs for the boys and the entire wink-wink culture that has always beset this State. These Thirty Percenters live according to a different moral order, such as also flourishes in those other European islands of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia, where the twin traditions of banditry and civic corruption remain similarly powerful.

Central to the Irish insular moral order are the Thirty Percenters -- the TeePees -- and their belief in their immunity to the law of consequence: and if consequences do ensue, then that is always someone else's fault.

Such infantilism has almost become part of the national condition: it is in the DNA of Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein, and even certain rural parts of Fine Gael. Hence those Irish conundrums, like road-junctions without signposts, and housing estates on flood plains.

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