Monday 15 October 2018

Kevin Myers: Mobs and lies win when it comes to Israel

The Filmbase arts centre in Dublin is set today to be the scene of the latest in the latest of the irrational and phobic demonstrations against Israel, led by Raymond Deane, who rejoices in the most Orwellian of titles, "Cultural Boycott Officer" for the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Whatever you call this, it is freedom of neither speech nor of movement if anti-Israeli opinions are backed with coercion and pickets.

But it is all like some grotesque screenplay that Monty Python rejected as being too absurd. In Egypt, scores of Coptic Christians have been murdered by Islamic fundamentalists and by the security forces. In Syria, hundreds, and probably thousands, have been killed by government forces. In Libya, a tyrant has been overthrown, and chaos reigns. In Lebanon, a government can only govern with the kind permission of a terrorist army. And most dangerous all, there is Iran, which the International Atomic Energy Agency has accused of not merely seeking to create a nuclear bomb, but of also trying to develop a long-range missile to use it.

Amid all this chaos, peril and bloodshed, who is the Irish left conducting its major campaign against? Israel. Not merely was there this absurd boat, the MV Saoirse, bound for Gaza, but there recently was a quite shocking, daylong carnival on Grafton Street in Dublin, where pretend-Israeli soldiers shot and brutalised pretend-Palestinians. Sea-theatre and street-theatre, echoing one another nicely in a common, lie-filled denunciation of the only democracy in the entire Middle East, one that is surrounded by anarchy, despotism and revolt.

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