Wednesday 21 March 2018

Kevin Myers: Men need women in ways that women simply don't need men - they do just fine without us

Lesbianism: the natural condition into which women are born, and from which they are dragooned by the coercive heterosexualist norms of a male-dominated society. Which well-known feminist said that? Fallopia Whynge? Phalline O'Pression? Ovaria Grype? None of them: I said it. Is mise.

I was recently reading about yet another bevy of young women who are opting for pelvic refreshment with other women, and it struck me that the abandonment of men as sexual partners might not just be a fashion of our times, but an entirely natural process. Indeed, it might well be that women are naturally drawn to one another's beds like bees to blossoms, and that only the need to get someone to make babies, or do the Neolithic equivalent of unblocking the loo, is what caused cavewomen to agree to have sex with cavemen in the first place. Otherwise, sexually speaking, the girls get on very nicely without us.

The issue is clouded by taboo, to be sure, and not made any clearer by the numerous popular analysts (paradoxically, usually female) who -- as agony aunts -- pronounce on these things. But AAs do little more than articulate the current sexual ethos and taboos of their caste. I'm old enough to remember the late Frankie Byrne (who as we now know had a vigorous sex life of her own) mercilessly advising one woman listener to drop her boyfriend instantly because, after five years of celibate engagement, he wanted to have sex with her. "This man's a bad egg, after one thing only. Get rid of him now," she declared, possibly ruining two lives, after five years of chastity.

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