Tuesday 23 January 2018

Kevin Myers: McColgan debacle indicative of State's complete failure to protect its children

THE child-rapist Joseph McColgan is probably the most evil man ever to appear before an Irish court. He was spotted mingling among youngsters at a car boot sale on Saturday in Plymouth.

It passes all belief that this creature is now alive and well and free, having been recently released from a British prison after serving only half of a 30-month sentence imposed last year by Exeter Court on child pornography offences. But this is what can happen when the institutions of a state fail to discharge their bounden duty to protect its citizens and their children.

Sixteen years ago, McColgan was effectively sentenced to only 12 years in prison for engaging in the worst sexual abuse of children that any Irish court has ever heard. He began raping his daughter Sophia McColgan when she was seven. He would take Communion, then leave Mass early, ushering his victim away for a frenzy of violation, secure from interruption because everyone else was back in the church. In all, Sophia was raped and violated for 17 years.

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