Wednesday 22 November 2017

Kevin Myers: Liberal icons can't offend, only disappoint

Pity this day that poor baffled organ, the Liberal Feminist Mind, which has to deal with the issue of Davis Norris's exculpatory letter on Oireachtas stationery in support of an Israeli who buggered a 15-year-old boy, even as next door to vile, evil Israel, the Syrian regime butchers another few hundred protesters. Pity it, but briefly -- for henceforth, it's in charge.

We all know that the political power of the Irish Catholic Church is over. The new moral authority, the Liberal Feminist conscience, doesn't have rules or principles. It just has feelings, which have to be indulged.

So how does the Liberal Feminist Conscience react to Norris's letter to Israel? What is the official response toward one of the great icons of liberal Ireland? It is disappointed. Why? Because the liberal-left emotional machinery doesn't condemn or denounce its own. And in the organ that passes for the liberal-left brain, homosexuality is itself good, and homosexual acts are intrinsically good, so it is in that imprecise moral location, a quandary, when presented with issues arising from an adult male sodomising an underage teenage boy.

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