Friday 23 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Labour's contemptible offering on nuclear facilities is either cynical deceit or egregious folly

Kevin Myers

This little area of the newspaper has sworn to steer clear of the election, both for reasons of my own sanity and also to give readers a little oasis from its inanities, complete with columnar figs, dates, sweet-water and dancing houris.

Only when I see clear party political insanity will I venture from the shade of these balmy palms: hence what follows, provoked by the Labour Party's manifesto: "Labour will not establish any nuclear facility in the State. We will continue to oppose the Sellafield plant and other installations in the UK which pose a risk to our people."

Now, that's an electoral promise, which is either binding or it's not. If it's not binding, if it's unprincipled crowd-pleasing piety, then the ghost of Charles Haughey is alive and well, but now spouting Larkin and Connolly. If it's binding, then what we have is a true example of unprincipled sanctimony becoming policy. And whichever it is, Labour is offering us either cynical deceit or egregious folly at the very time that the State faces financial ruin, with another generation of young Irish people contemplating a future of oppressive taxes, beggary and despair. It's hard to imagine anything more contemptible.

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