Thursday 22 February 2018

Kevin Myers: It's ludicrous that women should have to subsidise male drivers under European ruling

Kevin Myers

So the day when the illogic of the state-run equality industry ran ashore on the rocks of its own making has finally come. Following a European Court of Justice ruling, it's now illegal to link insurance risks to a person's gender.

This means that women are going to have to pay higher car-insurance premiums. And from the Irish equality industry, for whom 'equality' has only ever meant the ideological marginalisation of middle-class heterosexual men, baffled silence.

For equality in Ireland was not intended to mean 'equality', but was a one-way empowerment of women, Travellers, immigrants, lesbians and queers (as they are called in that weird academic emporium that is the UCD School of Social Justice). Our equality industry never thought that fairness and equality would one day meet head-on, like two trains in a tunnel, and equality would come off worse.

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