Monday 16 July 2018

Kevin Myers: It seems we are very selective about what makes us angry in this country

WELL, that was a very revealing week. Had I called Uganda a "cancer" after the revelations about missing Irish Aid money there, by now, I'd be hanging from my thumbs, while the various press-quangoes consulted Torquemada on how to deal with heretics, and numerous columnists would be sharpening their blades on my ribcage.

Instead, Vincent Browne called Israel a cancer, refused to apologise, and the affair -- such as it was -- was over by the weekend. As far as I can see, neither 'The Irish Times', 'The Sunday Times' nor the 'Sunday Independent' even mentioned the story.

To stigmatise an entire nation as a "cancer" is to declare that it has no redeeming features, which remained Browne's position until he partially retracted on Sunday.

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