Saturday 17 November 2018

Kevin Myers: It is up to those who publicly mourned Gerry to publicly denounce his cocaine consumption

Kevin Myers

EVERYONE seems to have an opinion on the death of Gerry Ryan, and everyone seems to be voicing theirs, so why not me? I didn't know him well, but what I knew of him, I liked.

Fame hadn't gone to his head, and his many, many opinions were coloured by neither hypocrisy nor the need to please the mob. Of all the famous people in RTE, he seemed to be one of the few worth getting to know a little better.

He was also a criminal fool, and an enemy of all that's decent and honourable and true in society. Anyone who takes cocaine, either as an experiment or as habit, is a colleague, friend and paymaster of FARC. He or she who takes a tiny snort of cocaine enters one of the most abominable conspiracies in the world, which takes thousands of lives every year -- in straightforward gang-related murders in Ireland, the US, Britain, Europe and South America, and in the squalor of overdoses and addiction. There is no "clean" cocaine, any more than there is a clean transfusion of AIDS blood. If you snort any cocaine, ever, you immediately become party to that murder in Finglas last January, that double murder in Ballymun the previous October, the killings in Paris, the massacre of federal agents in Mexico, the butchery in the Bronx, and the endless and catastrophic war in Colombia.

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