Monday 22 July 2019

Kevin Myers: Israel has walked into a well-laid ambush and its government shows every sign of being insane

Kevin Myers

WELL, the Israeli commander who authorised the operation against the Gaza flotilla should now be given a job commensurate with his talents: he should be sent as a missionary to Helmand province, where he can promote the new Jewish sect of Nude Nomadism.

This will include having sex with various mullahs' teenage daughters outside mosques, then publicly smearing their bodies with pork fat.

Every single feature of the Israeli operation was wrong. I say this as a friend of Israel. There is barely a better way of putting your men in danger than by dropping them slowly, one by one, from helicopters into the waiting arms of Islamicists. And that's what the Turkish-Arab boat largely consisted of.

Whatever the humanitarian motives of the Irish party heading towards Gaza on the 'Rachel Corrie', the overall effect of this mission to Gaza has been to support Hamas.

Did you see the Arab women's headgear on Al Jazeera TV News before the assault? Did you hear what they were singing?

Passengers on the Turkish vessel chanted: "Remember Khairbar, Khaibar, O Jews. The Army of Mohammed will return." This was a reference to the prophet's seizure of a Jewish-held oasis, the last Jewish settlement in Arabia.

Most of the Jews were slaughtered and their leader, Kinana bin al-Rabi, was captured. He was tied down and a fire lit on his chest and, just before death, he was beheaded. His wife was then forcibly 'married' to Mohammed. This is the event that some of the Gaza 'peace mission' -- though obviously, not the Irish -- were celebrating in song.

And no, this doesn't justify anyone being killed. But do you really believe that the Israelis set out to murder people? If so, why did they kill so few?

It's really time to grasp the gravity of what's going on here. Turkey is rapidly departing from the comity of secular states and moving towards Islamicism. Turkey is now closer to Iran than it has ever been since the Shah was overthrown. And Turkey's closest ally in the Arab world is now Syria, which is in a state of permanent war with Israel.

Hamas provides the elected government of Gaza. It is effectively a neo-Nazi movement, whose policy is to kill Israelis.

It demands the destruction of the state of Israel, just like Khaibar was destroyed (though I am not sure whether the forcible marriage of the surviving Jewish widows will form part of the Hamas project).

Most sinister of all, Sunni Hamas is being armed by Shia Iran. That's the reason for the Israeli blockade. Are the Israelis to allow open borders to a state that has fired 8,000 rockets into their towns?

Would you, if you had such a neighbour? For western Europeans to take sides with these forces against Israel constitutes a form of cultural suicide, the equivalent of a peace-convoy to aid the oppressed Germans of the Sudetenland in 1938.

Certainly, Israel has walked wide-eyed into a well-laid ambush. And not surprisingly, for its present government gives every sign of being clinically insane.

It's only weeks since it insulted US Vice President Joe Biden, actually during his visit to Israel, by announcing the construction of more Jewish settlements on the West Bank, in direct contravention of US policy.

Then there was, of course, the shockingly open murder in Dubai of a Hamas official, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (50), by Mossad, and which involved the cynical use of forged passports of half a dozen 'friendly' countries. And now this flotilla fiasco.

So what bizarre foreign-policy initiatives lie ahead for this deranged Israeli government? We shouldn't be surprised to see it try and cement its relationship with Norway by promoting a Lapland Liberation Front, with Mossad training special suicide reindeer.

Israel's Swedish policy probably hinges on the recent capture of half a dozen vegan lesbian Swedes in Jerusalem, who will be ceremonially garroted live on YouTube. Israel's revised Asian strategy involves acclaiming the Dalai Lama as the head of an independent and sovereign Tibet and recognising Taiwan as the one true voice of China. Meanwhile, Israel is withdrawing its ambassador from Seoul, as it hails North Korea as the sole voice of the Korean people and agrees a bilateral ABCD pact with Pyongyang, covering atomic, biological, chemical and decibel warfare.

And of course, just to show the independent spirit of this current Israel, it is now probably about to throw its weight behind Mexico's territorial claims over Arizona, New Mexico and California, plus Canadian claims over New England and Oregon.

Oh yes -- and can it have its next cheque from Washington a little bit earlier this year, please?

Governments come and go in Israel. But in Gaza, Hamas has destroyed the power of the Fatah movement by murdering its leaders, scores of them, ruthlessly and methodically, without protest from 'the international community'.

It is now effectively a permanent government, whose operatives have this week again been trying to fire rockets into Israel.

Yet this is the organisation which is now being represented across the world's media as a victim. Delightful.

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