Wednesday 17 October 2018

Kevin Myers: Irrationality has always been at the very heart of Irish life

Kevin Myers

THE Defence Forces recently organised a parachute jump to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Army's deployment to the Congo. Guests were invited to watch the drop from inside an aircraft hangar.

Yes, from underneath a metal roof, so that we saw nothing. We couldn't see the men leave the plane -- I presume it was a plane, but for all I know, they could just as well have jumped off the roof. We didn't see them free-falling or doing any fancy mid-air manoeuvres or opening their parachutes or formatting downwards. In fact, the first we saw of them was through the open doors, for the final few feet, as they landed.

I'm sorry but frankly not even North Korea would organise an invisible parachute jump for invited guests. It was if it had all been laid on to conform with some ghastly stereotype of irrationality that we daily imbibe from our newspaper headlines.

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