Opinion Kevin Myers

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Kevin Myers: Irish who served in the Second World War deserve respect -- with or without a poppy

Kevin Myers

Two points are unarguable. One is that Ireland was right to remain neutral during the Second World War, and the other is that tens of thousands of volunteers from neutral Ireland chose to serve the Allied cause.

Whether you wish to honour the memory of those who selflessly gave their lives for the freedom of Europe is up to you. If you are interested in Ireland and the Second World War, I draw your attention to a day-long conference in Trinity College Dublin on November 19.

There are many arguments why Irishmen and women shouldn't have sided with the Allies. My uncle, after whom I am named, joined up to serve against Hitler. He didn't choose his theatre of war: and he died in Sierra Leone on his way to Burma. So in what way was it any business of his whether Burma was governed by the British or the Japanese empires?

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