Friday 20 April 2018

Kevin Myers: If we tolerate weeds of inefficiency at parish pump, inevitably we get forests of ineptitude at national level

Kevin Myers

WHY has this column been avoiding the general election? Because in part I am of frail constitution, with limited patience and a low boredom threshold, and I see no compelling reason to embitter this part of my career with a contemplation of the trite, the predictable and the unutterably myopic.

Here was a general election in which the Great Idea could have been unfolded, in which serious reform of the institutions of Irish life could have been promised. Instead, we have sipping round the edges, as the appalling and ruinous habits of Irish life continue unabated.

Compared to the €100bn (and mounting) that we owe the world, no doubt the €48,000 bill run up by Clare county councillors to attend three conferences is small beer. Except it's not, because it is emblematic of the national vice that has all but sunk this State -- for these conferences did not take place at the height of the Feline Follies of the Celtic Tiger, but after we'd discovered a hole where the hull should be, and what we saw vanishing beneath the waves was the future of YET another generation of Irish people.

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